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Completing excessive paperwork or physically visiting a store to sell or trade your luxury timepiece is so yesterday.

At Exquisite Timepieces, we offer a modern, efficient, and seamless option to help you sell your Panerai watch without any delays or drawn-out processes.

By completing 3 simple steps, you can expect to sell your luxury timepiece and receive your payment in 2 business days.

We've got you covered if you're searching for a trustworthy, experienced, professional dealer to help you sell your Panerai watch.

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How to Sell Your Panerai Watch to Exquisite Timepieces?

  • Send us the details for the watch you want to sell or trade by logging on to our website and filling in our online form. Our team will start working on your appraisal as soon as we receive your information.
  • Your watch will then need to be assessed. We will arrange for your timepiece to be sent to us so you won't have to bring it to our store personally.
  • After we complete the assessment successfully, you will receive your payment or watch trade.

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Panerai Watch Collections We Buy

Whether you own a watch from the Luminor or Submersible range or the Luminor Due or Radiomir collection, we buy any Panerai timepieces. Some of the collections that we buy are listed below.

  • Panerai Luminor
  • Panerai Submersible
  • Panerai Luminor Due
  • Panerai Radiomir

Why Sell Your Panerai Watch to Exquisite Timepieces?

When you choose Exquisite Timepieces as your dealer, you instantly sign up to receive the best service from an experienced and skilled team. We value your time; therefore, our process is hassle-free and straightforward.

Here are 4 more reasons why we should be your dealer of choice:

Best Prices You Can Find

Our priority is helping you secure the best value for your Panerai watch; therefore, our team is constantly examining the current market trends. To create the best appraisal for you, our team combines the information they gather from the markets with the model of your timepiece and your watch's interior and exterior condition.

Fast Payments

We aim to keep our process smooth, quick, and efficient. With our fast payment turnaround time, you can expect to be paid within 2 business days. If the process is completed sooner, your payment can be done on the same day.

Option to Trade-In

We also offer our customers the option of trading in their Panerai watch. The choice to trade in your timepiece is as simple as selling your watch and requires minimal effort. Provide us with the information for the watch you want to trade in, and we will send you a prepaid FedEx label. Use the label to send us your old Panerai Watch and receive your new piece from our pre-owned catalog.

Trustworthy Dealer

As an approved dealer for more than 70 luxury brands worldwide, Exquisite Timepieces is known for its exceptional service and decades of experience. Our excellent ratings online and our 1000+ Google reviews are an accurate reflection of the professional and reliable service we offer. We currently have 800 pre-owned watches from more than 70 luxury watch brands listed on our online platform and in our boutique in Naples, Florida. Contact us today if you are looking for a trustworthy and reliable dealer to help you sell your Panerai watch.

How Much is Your Panerai Worth?

The following 4 factors will affect the amount you will receive for your Panerai watch:

  • Rarity – Paneri is known for creating special edition watches. These limited edition watches are sought-after by collectors who often pay high prices for these timepieces. If you own a rare Paneri watch or part of the limited edition, you can expect to receive premium offers from potential buyers.
  • Condition – To help increase the value you receive, your timepiece needs to be kept in excellent condition and still possess its aesthetic allure.
  • Movement – Your watch's internal and external components need to operate smoothly. The value of your watch can be negatively affected if the components are not functioning well. It is essential to choose authentic Panerai components and movements for your watch during service and not options provided by third parties, and this could also affect the value you receive.
  • Maintenance – Servicing your watch at the required intervals plays an integral role in the longevity of your timepiece. Panerai watches need to be serviced every 2-3 years. During the service, a watchmaker will examine each component and test the chronometry, the water resistance, and each function according to the particular model's specifications. It is essential to have information about services available for buyers who may enquire about when and where the last service was completed.

How To Get The Best Price For Your Panerai Watches

Watches in excellent condition are guaranteed to receive a high value. To increase the possibility of obtaining excellent value for your watch, you can use the following tips to help you care for your Panerai watch.

  • Take good care of it – After swimming in the sea, you are encouraged to rinse your watch under lukewarm water. You should not wear your watch while participating in high-contact sports such as golf, tennis, or mountain biking. Any shock experienced may damage the external components as well as the precision of the movement. If your watch is not worn, you are advised to wear it at least once a month to help slow down the aging process of the lubrication and oils. To help preserve the leather strap on your watch, avoid exposure to solid humidity and sunlight, oily materials, and cosmetics. You should also keep your watch away from prolonged exposure to magnetism.
  • Service it frequently – Panerai watches must be serviced every 2-3 years. Servicing your timepiece will ensure it continues working at its optimal level.
  • Keep Your Box & Papers – To help increase the value of your watch; we encourage you to sell the timepiece with its original documents and in its authentic packaging. Manuals, warranty cards, and companion booklets are part of the official documents you can include.

Should I Service My Panerai Watch before Selling it?

No. It would help if you did not service your Panerai watch before you sold it. This will allow the new owner to service the timepiece when they receive it. They will also have the option to maintain the watch in its current form or make any changes according to their preferences.

When we conduct a physical assessment of your watch, one of the steps includes identifying any severe damage to your timepiece. If we do find any harm, you will be notified. We will also advise you to allow our experienced and skilled watchmakers to service your Panerai watch.

About Panerai Watches

Pushing boundaries to redefine the art of watchmaking with an Italian influence is what luxury watch manufacturer Panerai takes pride in.

When Giovanni Panerai decided to open his first shop in 1860 in Florence, Italy, it served as a watch shop and workshop and became the city's first watchmaking school. This marked the beginning of Panerai's successful journey.

Since its inception, the story behind the Panerai brand has evolved and included a strong history of innovation. Some of the historic pieces they manufactured, one of which was done with Swiss manufacturer Rolex, included wrist-worn diving instruments worn by members of the Italian Royal Navy. The company then produced the Panerai Egiziano Grosso for the Egyptian Navy in 1956.

Using avant-garde technology coupled with pioneering materials, impeccable craftsmanship, and a superb level of precision, the Panerai brand offers watches across four marketing lines: Historic, Contemporary, Manifattura, and Special Editions in runs of 500, 1000, 2,000, or 4,000 units. Panerai also manufactures special editions by year. In 2006, they issued the 1936 California Dial Radiomir special edition. This piece was a reissue of the first Panerai model presented to the Italian Navy, with only 1936 units being produced.

Initially created to be used deep underwater, today, Panerai watches are known for their unique and exquisite designs and unparalleled durability. Panerai watches are ideal for people who prefer a high-quality watch that commands a presence on the wrist due to its size. Since the watch has an oversized design, it provides excellent visibility with the numbers on the dial.

Regarding the materials used to create these amazing timepieces, some items on the list include steel, titanium, carbon, carbotech, composite and platinum.

From the 4 collections within the Panerai range, the Luminor and its several variations remain the most iconic and recognizable. The timepieces feature the renowned cushion case, crescent-shaped crown guard, and the brand's signature baton and Arabic hour markers.

Suppose you're considering buying a luxury and sought-after Panerai watch. In that case, you will join prominent action stars like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Dwayne Johnson, who have expressed love for this famous Italian watchmaking brand.


Can I trade in my Panerai Watch?

Absolutely. You can trade your old Panerai timepiece and choose a new watch from our pre-owned catalog. We will require the information for the watch you want to trade to start the process. We will then need to assess and evaluate your watch physically. You will receive your traded watch after we have completed the evaluation process successfully.

When Will I Receive Payment For My Panerai Watch?

In keeping with our policy of providing an efficient service, our payments are made within 2 business days after we have received your watch.

How Can I Find the Model Number For My Panerai Watch?

Your Panerai watch's serial number will be engraved in the case back along with the case number and material indication. The serial numbers usually start with the letters BB or PB followed by a set of numbers. You can also find the serial or model number on your warranty card or your official documentation.

How easy is it to sell my Panerai Watch?

The process is smooth, seamless, and straightforward. Send us the details of your timepiece, and we will arrange to collect your watch. After we receive your watch, you can expect your payment within 2 business days. Selling your luxury watch doesn't get any easier than that.

Why Should I Sell my Watch to Exquisite Timepieces?

We aim to provide a service that doesn't include long waiting periods, in-person visits, or drawn-out processes. We have more than 20 years of experience in watch sales and are known as a reputable and trustworthy dealer. We strive to help our customers secure the best value for their watches, all without having to leave the comfort of their homes or offices. If you're looking for a professional and reliable dealer, contact us today for your free appraisal.

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