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If you're considering selling your luxury TAG Heuer watch, don't settle for a process that will cost you time and effort.

At Exquisite Timepieces, we value your time, and therefore, we have created a quick and straightforward process to help you sell your timepiece without the added inconvenience of leaving your home to do so.

Our convenient and seamless process includes 3 straightforward steps, which allow you to sell your watch and receive your payment within 2 business days.

If you're ready to take us up on our offer, read on to find out how to start the process now. Alternatively, you can contact us today for a free appraisal.

How to Sell Your TAG Heuer Watch to Exquisite Timepieces?

  • Visit our website and send us the information for the watch you want to sell or trade using our online form. Our team will start working on your appraisal as soon as we receive your details.
  • To save you time, we will arrange for your watch to be sent to us for a physical assessment.
  • After your watch has been assessed and we have completed the process successfully, you will receive your payment and watch trade.

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TAG Heuer Watch Collections We Buy

We buy watches from any of the TAG Heuer collections. Whether you own a watch from the Connected, Carrera, or Formula 1 collection or a timepiece from the Monaco, Aquaracer, Autavia, or Link range, there are no limitations to the pieces we buy. Some of the models we would purchase are listed below:


Why Sell Your TAG Heuer Watch to Exquisite Timepieces?

At Exquisite Timepieces, we aim to help our customers secure the best value for their watches. With more than 20 years of experience in watch sales, we are an approved dealer for more than 70 luxury brands.

Here are 4 additional reasons why you should choose us:

Best Prices You Can Find

Apart from providing a reliable and efficient service, we prioritize securing the best value for your watch. Our team continuously analyzes the current market trends to create the ideal appraisal for you. We use the relevant information from the market trends and the model and condition of your watch to generate your appraisal.

Fast Payments

After we receive your watch, you can expect your payment within 2 business days. If the process is completed sooner, you could receive your payment on the same day.

Option to Trade-In

Trading in your watch is just as simple as selling it. The process is quick and efficient, and we are here to guide you through the steps. The first step includes sending us the information for the timepiece you want to trade. After we receive your information, we will send you a prepaid FedEx label. You can use the label to send us your old TAG Heuer watch and receive your new piece from our pre-owned catalog.

Trustworthy Dealer

Selling your treasured timepiece should be stress-free and straightforward, and that's precisely what we offer at Exquisite Timepiece. We guide you through the process while helping you to secure the best value for your timepiece. We are an approved dealer for more than 70 luxury brands worldwide. We currently have 800 pre-owned watches listed online and in our boutique in Naples, Florida. Our excellent ratings online and our 1000+ Google reviews are an indication of the excellent and trustworthy service we provide.

How Much is Your TAG Heuer Worth?

The following 4 factors determine how much you will receive for your TAG Heuer watch:

Rarity – Watch enthusiasts and collectors always have their eyes on watches that are part of limited edition collections or have historical significance. If your TAG Heuer watch is a limited edition or vintage piece, you can expect to receive premium offers.

Condition – Your watch's internal and external parts need to be in excellent condition to receive a high value. Your timepiece needs to work smoothly and still possess its aesthetic allure.

Movement – The value of your watch could be negatively affected if the components are not functioning as they should be. It is essential to ensure the movements in your watch are working perfectly. It is also important to always select authentic TAG Heuer parts to replace any components in your watch during a service. The value of your watch will decrease if you settle on third-party components.

Maintenance – It is vital to service your watch every 5-6 years. During a full service, your watch's functional and aesthetic appearance is restored. The service also includes a disassembly, overhaul, replacement of worn components, and ultrasonic cleaning of the case. Potential buyers may question when and where you completed your last service, so it's essential to have this information available.

How To Get The Best Price For Your TAG Heuer Watches?

Watches that are kept in excellent condition receive higher values. Taking care of your timepiece is vital so you can receive outstanding value when selling your watch. The following tips will help you take care of your TAG Heuer watch:

Take good care of it – To clean your watch, dip a microfibre cloth or soft-bristled toothbrush into warm water and gently brush the metal bracelet and watch face. It would help if you never immersed your watch in the water to clean it. Avoid using soap, as this could leave particles in the smaller areas. You can also opt for a professional ultrasonic cleaning at any of TAG Heuer's official service centers when needed.

Service it frequently – TAG Heuer watches need to be serviced every 5-6 years or as soon as you notice any signs of malfunction. If your watch is worn often in water, you need to test the water resistance on your timepiece every 2 years, as continuous exposure to water causes the sealing gaskets to age and corrode.

Keep Your Box & Papers – We encourage you to sell your watch in its original packaging and with the documentation you received when you purchased the timepiece. Manuals, warranty cards, or a certificate of authenticity are documents you can include when you decide to sell your watch.

Should I Service my TAG Heuer Watch before Selling it?

No, it would help if you did not service your TAG Heuer Watch before you sell it. This will allow the new owner to decide if they would like to make any changes to the timepiece during the next service or keep the watch in its current form.

When we physically assess your watch at our store, we try to identify if there is any severe damage to the timepiece. If our team detects any damage, we will notify you. We also recommend that you allow our experienced watchmakers to service your TAG Heuer watch.

About TAG Heuer Watches

Since 1860, Swiss luxury watchmaker TAG Heuer has continued to embody the art and skill of watchmaking with their precision, bold style, and avant-garde designs.

Driven by its slogan, 'Don't Crack Under Pressure,' this brand has pushed the boundaries to build its strong reputation of creating timepieces that have revolutionized the concept of watchmaking.

The company, founded in 1860 by Edouard Heuer in St-Imier, Switzerland, began as Uhrenmanufaktur Heuer AG. In 1985, the Techniques d'Avant Garde (TAG) group purchased a majority stake in the company, which led to the formation of the TAG Heuer brand.

Edouard Heuer patented his first chronograph in 1882. He then went on, in 1887, to patent an oscillating pinion still used today by watchmakers of mechanical chronographs.

In 1911, Heuer received a patent for the first dashboard chronograph, 'Time of Trip'. These were designed to be used in cars and aircraft. He then introduced his first wrist chronograph in 1914. The techniques Heuer and his team used led to them becoming pioneers in Swiss watches.

From creating dashboard timers for automobiles, boats, and aircraft to designing stopwatches and timing equipment, Heuer was also the first Swiss watchmaker to wear his watch in space. The Heuer stopwatch was worn by John Glenn when he piloted the Mercury-Atlas 6 spacecraft on the first US crewed space flight to orbit Earth. An interesting fact about this watch is that it's currently on display at the San Diego Air and Space Museum.

Over the years, this brand has continued to combine technological innovations with precision. TAG Heuer, who has created some of the world's most precise and accurate timing instruments, is dedicated to the world of sport, especially motor racing.

TAG Heuer's current line includes Aquaracer, Link, Carrera, Monaco, Connected, Formula 1, Autavia, and Heuer Heritage.

Regarding the aspects that make them unique, TAG Heuer is known for using advanced and high-performance materials to create the aesthetic look and level of resistance they aim to provide with each timepiece they manufacture.

TAG Heuer has a long-standing connection with Hollywood and the world of sports. Some of its sports and Hollywood ambassadors include Cristiano Ronaldo, Chris Hemsworth, Tiger Woods, Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Shah Rukh Khan, Priyanka Chopra, and Cameron Diaz.


Can I trade in my TAG Heuer Watch?

Absolutely! We offer you the option to trade your old watch and choose a new one from our pre-owned catalog. To start the process, log on to our website and send us the information for the timepiece you want to trade. After we assess and evaluate your old watch, you will receive your traded timepiece.

When Will I Receive Payment For My TAG Heuer Watch?

After we receive your watch, you can expect to receive your payment within 2 business days.

How Can I Find the Model Number For My TAG Heuer Watch?

Your TAG Heuer watch's serial number can be engraved on the case back of your timepiece. If you have a model with a transparent case back, the number will be engraved on the edge of the crystal. Your serial and model number can also be found on your warranty card or any official documents you received when purchasing your watch.

How easy is it to sell my TAG Heuer Watch?

The process is simple and quick to complete. It doesn't require you to visit our store personally, there is no excessive paperwork to fill out, and there are no long waiting periods and delays. Three steps is all it takes to sell your watch. All we need from you is the information or the watch you want to sell. We will then arrange for your watch to be sent to us. Once we assess your timepiece, you will receive payment within 2 business days. The process is as simple as that.

Why Should I Sell my Watch to Exquisite Timepieces?

We have more than 20 years of watch sales experience and the knowledge and skills to help you secure the best value for your treasured timepiece. We are known as a reputable and professional dealer providing reliable and efficient service. We also offer you the option to trade your old TAG Heuer watch for a new timepiece from our pre-owned catalog. If you're looking for a trustworthy dealer guaranteed to help you get the best value for your watch, contact us today.

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