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The Graham Prodive watch collection is a premiere luxury divers watch that continues to turn heads. The Graham Prodive divers watch line is used by athletes, professionals, and collectors alike, and for good reason. The bold features and striking tones are paired with a versatile bezel, which utilizes a unidirectional decompressor and helium escape valve. The casing is constructed of stainless steel and black PVD. These divers watch is designed to grip the wearer whether they are in or out of the water and with or without gloves. If you are in the market for a rugged, sophisticated divers watch, consider the Graham Prodive wristwatch series. Looking for authentic Graham Prodive watches for sale without help can be stressful. If you are looking for the best place to buy Graham Prodive watches, Exquisite Timepieces is a Graham Prodive authorized dealer.


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Graham Prodive Review

Graham is named after the London-based watchmaker, George Graham. The brand was started in 1695, and it quickly gained momentum after the launch of La Chaux-de-Fondes by Eric Loth in 1995. Pilot watches were an inspiration for these oversized watches, which were equipped with triggering levers. It was the feature that turned Graham watches into a hot commodity by the early 2000s. The Graham Prodive Collection is a fantastic timepiece. It is a watch that suits the purpose it was meant for. It is an authentic diving timepiece that features a chronograph that can be utilized and activated underwater. Graham Prodive Collection has, over time, become a reference luxury diving timepiece.


Graham Prodive: Helium Escape Valve

The timepiece features a robust stainless steel case that has a diameter of 45 mm. However, the measurements can vary if the watch is measured with a caliper. It measures 47 mm from one edge of the bezel to the other. However, it can measure 54 mm if measured from the edge of its Helium valve to the side where the chrono trigger is located. As far as thickness is concerned, Graham Prodive Collection watches are 18 mm thick. However, when it comes to weight, Graham Prodivide can weigh up to 207.2 grams total. The total weight of Rolex Submariner is 210 grams, but the watch is wearable regardless of its massiveness and weight.

The watch has a stainless steel case that comes with a satin-brushed finish on the case band. It is highly polished on both the bottom and top of the lugs. The right case and of the Graham Prodive Collection features a black PVD stainless steel and Helium escape valve. The valve is helpful for divers who would want to dive into the decompression chambers. As far as diving watches go, Graham Prodive Collection timepieces can maintain their design cues intact. They usually fit in a 30-minute mono-pusher chronograph to keep their patented chronograph trigger, which is a distinctive feature and signature of the brand. Whether you wear Graham Prodive Collection timepieces on the right or left wrist, these watches wear comfortably no matter where the chronograph triggering level is located. Interestingly, these watches can be operated by divers in deep seas, a feature that only a few chronographs offer. It comes with a fast action trigger that allows wearers to start-stop-reset the watch while underwater.

The Graham Prodive is fitted with an automatic locking system and black rubberized screw-down crown that guarantees optimal resistance to water. It also features a safety system that has a red ring that alerts the wearer if the top isn’t secured well. It takes no effort to secure the crown, as the wearer can feel it when it is engaged with this safety system.


Graham Prodive: The Bezel

The Graham Prodive Collection features the bezel, a unidirectional decompressor that features two-piece construction that combines satin-brushed stainless steel with black PVD. The bezel of the Graham Prodive is knurled on its four corners to allow the timepiece to grip in and out while underwater. You can use it with or without diving gloves. Its rotating bezel comes with black hash marks as well as a superluminova pearl insert at 15-minutes, 5-minutes, and 12 o’clock increments. The black hash marks also feature bold numerals or arrows. The watchmaker fitted the bezel nicely to allow it to rotate smoothly across all its 120 sticks.


Graham Prodive: The Dial

The Graham Prodive Collection timepieces are available with blue or black dials. However, all watches feature grey or white indexes that are coated with superluminova. The dial of the Graham Prodive Collection is somewhat busy, but it is fitted with unique hues that acts like a chameleon on lighting conditions. The Graham Prodive features a domed double-coated anti-reflective treated sapphire crystal, which makes the dial look lighter or darker. However, this depends on the angle from which you are viewing the watch. The most exciting thing about the AR coating on the Graham Prodive Collection is that unwanted glare never compromises visibility.

The timepiece features a blue matter dial that comes with a snailed ring and smooth center where the applied markers are attached. The layout of the dial features a 30-minute chrono-register, a minute chapter ring flange, and a propeller with both minute and second indicators. The o’clock stick of the Graham Prodive watch looks like a turbine as it rotates. It uses a white arrow to indicate seconds. The chronograph hands of the Graham Prodive Collection are yellow, and it has a framed date aperture at its 9 o’clock stick. The Graham Prodive Watches offer wearers optimal readability and excellent contrast in and out of the water.

The lume on the Graham Prodive Watches feature long-lasting and extremely bright superluminova. However, the only downside to this timepiece is that a lot is going on with the lume around the dial in partial darkness or at night. That may make it difficult to read the time with a quick glimpse. However, that doesn’t make this timepiece a deal-breaker, especially for the lume lovers.


Graham Prodive: Strap and Movement

The watchmaker used a generic first-rate Swiss’ automatic mono-pusher movement to power the Graham ChronofighterProdive. Unfortunately, the watchmaker didn’t release any details on who made the chrono module or ebauches on top of the movement. It comes with a 25-jewel movement that provides a 48-hours power reserve. It beats at a frequency of 28,800 mph when it is fully wound. The movement of the Graham Prodive Collection features an anti-magnetic and anti-shock protection that is covered by a solid case with a nice shark engraving.

The Prodive is equipped with Swiss blue rubber straps that are a perfect match with the hue of the dial. The watchmaker integrated the straps to the case of the timepiece, which features a stainless steel double-folding buckle. It also features a pin-buckle and diver extension for extra security. Its strap, though, is exceptionally malleable and soft, and it is one of the best rubber straps used by watchmakers.


Graham Prodive: Pricing and Wrist

Graham Prodive Collection timepieces wear massive on the wrist, but they are not as big as expected. The actual size of the watch doesn’t match its dimensions when measured with a caliper. Graham Prodive wears a 48 mm wide watch on the wrist. Though this timepiece is a weighty stainless steel piece, it wears comfortably when worn for a few days without being taken off the wrist. The price of the Graham Prodive Collection may seem a bit high, but this timepiece is very robust and well finished. It is a watch that you can wear throughout the summer during your trips to beaches. Its sticker price is around USD 13,400.

High pressure, strange creatures, sea caverns, darkness, and the abyss are some of the words often used for describing unknown deep underwater. With the launch of the Graham Prodive Collection, George Graham wanted to make these words a reality. He created a luxury timepiece to watch addicts and professional adventurers. The clock is equipped with a patented reset feature that allows it to transcend human limits. Each of Graham Prodive Collection’s timepiece is tested to go beyond 2000 feet and resist water. The watchmaker used advanced manufacturing processes to develop a stylish and perfect diving instrument. Odorless, colorless, and transparent water cover is essential for the survival of aquatic life. Graham is dedicated to designing watches concerning unknown territories and nature. Graham Prodive timepieces are equipped with isothermal diving rubber gloves and suits to make your diving experience a sequence of successful and smooth operations.

George Graham developed this timepiece to give light and life to the world of deep water. The patented system of this timepiece is undoubtedly the best, and it can activate the chronograph without fail. The trigger of this timepiece is located on the left side of the case, and it is the only control pusher of the chronograph reset, stop, or start. Any diver can easily activate this timepiece with thick neoprene gloves.

Graham Prodive Collection watches come with a unidirectional rotating bezel that is adorned with a unique pattern to ensure a better grip. It also features a 120-position notched wheel and a rubber strap with a diver’s extension that is part of the diver’s suit. Whether it is a river, ocean, lake, or sea, Graham Prodive Collection watches can adapt to any lighting or diving changes. The deeper a diver gets, the darker and lighter it becomes. However, a black and dark blue zone that spreads around the timepiece will prevent a diver from diving into troubled water. Graham Prodive Collection watches feature two colors of luminescent indications that are visible in great depths. The clock is readable even in murky conditions. It comes equipped with an automatic helium valve and a rubber crown that notifies the diver when the top gets locked. That ensures safe diving quests. In short, these timepieces are fully readable regardless of their temperature, water, and pressure-resistant abilities.

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