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The HYT H4 watch collection features skeletonized dials for its central motif. The HYT H4 watch line took no stops in developing a sophisticated, sport-style, highly-versatile wristwatch. The emphasis on high-end durability is easily recognized in its construction. The reinforced, fabric wrist straps are water-resistant, fire-resistant, and hypoallergenic. This luxury watch selection also includes a long-lasting power reserve and comes in sleek and eccentric colors. Trying to find HYT H4 watches for sale can get troublesome when you do not know where to begin. If you are looking for the best place to buy HYT H4 watches, Exquisite Timepieces can point you in the right direction. Exquisite Timepieces is an HYT H4 authorized dealer.


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HYT H4 Review

About HYT

HYT is a Switzerland based company employed in the art of watchmaking. Founded in 2012, it has accomplished what most companies cannot think about even in their entire lifetime. HYT is the only known horologist that gives its audience the pleasure of reading time with fluids. So while some companies are determined to produce watches their great grandfathers would recognize, HYT has is about turning watch design upside down AND inside out. Please, keep the treasured antiques that you plan to pass down, but until that time you will want to rock this contemporary and very appropriate for our time!
Their first-ever collection was H1, which was introduced in the year 2012. The company became an instant hit and bagged three awards the very same year.
While water has been used before to indicate time, compressing it so as to fit into a wristwatch has never been achievable or even thinkable. The basis behind the trailblazing watches by HYT is basically two un-mixable liquids, flowing from bellows and through a vessel, which helps in indicating the time on the watch.

The HYT H4 Collection

H4 is a ground-breaking masterpiece from the house of HYT. In 2015, HYT came up with the release of yet another significant jump in the horology department.
Everything about the brand in itself is a declaration about how much watchmaking has advanced over the years. Add to it the fever developing and always getting better art of watchmaking by the best brands out there.
The original H1 and the recent debut H4 have a few aspects in common. More like, H4 is a better and more finished version of H1. HYT H4 is 51mm wide, which, so to say, radiates the feeling of being just a larger variant of H1.

Even with all the captivating aspects of the beautiful watch, HYT added new features to HYT H4, all of which have served the purpose of being the cherry on the cake. The added features and aspects have made the H4 collection more appealing and wondrous.
The HYT H4 is a collection of color filled watches. The eccentric features of the HYT H4 remain faithful to the central theme and idea of the brand, sending across a powerful message of a tip of amalgamation between the past and the future while making the present indefinitely better.
A new dimension has been found along with the coming of HYT H4. A strikingly beautiful balance has been achieved between liquid and light, the two elements thought to have been different and uncompromising.

The thing with HYT H4 is that it has beautifully achieved a point of equilibrium between science and art. In so, the watch is a work of beauty, and there are absolutely no second thoughts about it. At the same time, the working and integration of immiscible liquids to display time on the face of the watch is nothing less than a miracle of science.
The movement of time is what is at the center of the HYT watches. The way HYT has made sure that the day flows into the night and vice versa has only made it more appealing.
The canvas of all the four HYT H4 watches is black and silver, but with a dash of unique colors. Blue, red, and green are the focus colors of the first three watches. The fourth one, however, is a little different with a hint of yellow. Thus, all these four beautiful watches have the classic touch of black and silver while having an edge to it with vibrant shades to them.
Each watch of the H4 collection is a beauty in itself. They all happen to turn into self-inducing pieces of light when outside light hits the fluorescent particles. Since the dial of the entire collection consists of transparent composite, the light reflected instead gives off the feeling of light-induced.

The strap of the watches of the HYT H4 collection is bi-material or made of dual components. They are perfected to fit this collection after having reached a state of balance between rubber and technical fabric. The coming together of these two variedly odd materials makes one believe in the theory that opposites do attract and interact effectively and efficiently.
HYT H4 is equipped with a crown on the case. This little case gets activated by the backlight and also holds the ability to generate power. The lower crown can be rapidly wound so as to generate power. This generated power can also be temporarily stored in the system with the aid of a capacitor. At 6 o’clock on the watch, there are two small blue-colored LED Bulbs. These bulbs are also lit at the push of the crown. Thus, getting back to the point, making it swifter to notice the connection HYT is trying to draw between light and liquid.
HYT produced an exclusive movement for its HYT H4 watches. They hold a power reserve of 65 hours while operating at a staggering rate of 4Hz. Hours are the only aspect of the watch, which is indicated by employing liquid in the watch. All other elements, such as the power reserve indicator, seconds, and minutes are more traditionally run.
The shades of the HYT H4 remind us so much of the HYT H1, which was released back in 2012.

HYT has always been one of those who enjoy their extravagance. They are still over the top in a subtle way, and people are indeed in love with whatever the brand has to offer to its most loyal customers. The wearing of the watch is ultra-comfortable and relaxed in spite of being a beast with a thickness of 17.9mm and a width of 51mm.
Here are some details and technical data about the watch collection:

HYT H4 Case

  • Diameter: 51mm
    • Thickness: 17.9mm
    • Black DLC titanium dome at 6 o’clock
    • Water-resistant: up to 50m
    • Sapphire case back: screwed back
    • Crown: rubber-clad, strewed down & black DLC titanium situated at 4:30 and 2:30
    • Convex sapphire crystal along with anti-reflective coating

    HYT H4 Functions

    • Hours: retrograde fluidic
    • Minutes & seconds

    HYT H4 Dial

    • Sapphire power reserve dial, seconds & minutes
    • Black hour dial
    • The regulator at 12 o’clock
    • Power reserve indicator fitted at 2:30
    • Fluid hour display
    • White numerals
    • White minute indexes
    • Numerals & minute hand: luminescent grey
    • Small seconds wheel fitted at 9.30

    HYT H4 Movement

    • 35 jewels
    • 4Hz
    • 28,8000 vibrations per hour
    • Power reserve: 65 hours
    • Skeleton mechanical: movement hand-wound
    • Rhodium-plated bellows
    • Bridges: micro-blasted & hand-beveled

    HYT H4 Strap

    • Base: rubber
    • Integrated Nomex canvas
    • Black DLC titanium folding buckle

    Blue Light Mechanical Module

    · Crown at 4:30 – push button & rewinding system

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