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The NOMOS Glashütte Metro watch line stays true to the Glashütte standards of providing heirloom-quality timepieces. The NOMOS Glashütte Metro watch selection is respected by watchmakers and marveled at by collectors around the world for their precision mechanics and refined designs. Each piece is constructed with a wide-faced dial with unobtrusive numerals, slim hands, and classic backdrop tones. Notable features include a power reserve indicator, date, and manual or automatic movements. Searching for NOMOS Glashütte Metro watches for sale can get stressful without the right help. Exquisite Timepieces can aid you. Exquisite Timepieces is well-known for its assortment of luxury wristwatches and can get what you need. Exquisite Timepieces is a NOMOS Glashütte Metro watch authorized dealer.


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NOMOS Metro Review

Indeed, time is money, and an iconic timepiece like the NOMOS metro can keep gentlemen on time and on track. Putting on a classic watch is not like any other, and it tells the entire world who you are. Choosing your first timepiece can be quite tricky. You may have selected the watch, but you wonder about what your need verse what you want. NOMOS Metro Collection has a variety of timepieces just you. In case you want to invest in your first watch or you intend to have a new watch collection, I recommend that you start with a piece from the NOMOS metro 38 collection. This timepiece is more than an everlasting milestone in your entire life. Statistics have shown that NOMOS Metro watches are among the top-rated brands in the world. These timepieces are uniquely designed and have a simple style that makes them classic and timeless.
The NOMOS Metro makes the brand admired by collectors around the world. The NOMOS Metro Collection is offered in different sizes, which range from 35mm to 39mm.


NOMOS Metro 38 Watch

NOMOS Metro 38 is a top-rated timepiece and has won a significant number of awards in the world. This timepiece is designed with a dark-colored dial consisting of a date that makes it one of the perfect complements not only for the white indexes but also for enthusiastic arms. NOMOS Metro 38 has a refined dial that appears more striking than the predecessor.


Features of the NOMOS Metro 38 Watch

  • The case is made of stainless-steel sapphire crystal glass back.
  • It has a diameter and height of 38.5mm and 7.8mm, respectively.
  • It is designed to a splash-proof, making NOMOS Metro 38water-resistant.
  • In addition to the highlighted features, the hand-wound caliber is designed with a large NOMOS metro date, giving it a beautiful polish and finish.

NOMOS Metro 38 Datum Watch

NOMOS Metro 38 Datum is designed with an updated dial and a larger case that gives it a new look. It is a new version of NOMOS Metro that comes with a diameter of 38.5mm and a height of 7.75mm, which is slightly higher than the dimensions in the predecessor timepiece. Furthermore, the dial of NOMOS Metro 38 Datum lacks a NOMOS power reserve indicator helping it to its decoration from 9 to 12 o'clock.

The advantage of omitting a slightly off-center NOMOS power reserve indicator is that it makes the dial on NOMOS Metro 38 Datum cleaner than the original NOMOS Metro. Unlike the predecessor, the dots at three, nine, and twelve o'clock on NOMOS Metro 38 Datum are painted blue. The designers also have on the architecture of the case so that it accommodates the more substantial dimensions.

The Metro data power reserve is designed mainly to remind the user(s) to rewind the timepiece and also as a sign of beauty. Other distinguishable features on this timepiece include fine hand tips and decorated hour indexes.


NOMOS 1101 Metro 38 Datum Gang Watch

NOMOS 1101 Metro 38 Datum Gang reserve has a diameter of 37mm and a height of 7.65mm. The watch costs USD 3020 and comes with a warranty of two years. It is calibrated with the minute track in Arabic numeral at an interval of 5 seconds/ minutes. It is designed with dot hour markers, which are mixtures of black and mint green colors.

It also has a power reserve indicator which is a mix of mint green and red and is positioned beneath the twelve o'clock. The NOMOS 1101 Metro in-house caliber is made up of 23 jewels, a NOMOS power reserve of up to 42 working hours, rhodium-plated surfaces that are decorated with Glashütte ribbing, and NOMOS perlage.
Besides, the watch is furnished with the NOMOS Metro swing system and blue balance springs. The case of this watch is made of polished stainless steel. As I mentioned earlier, the NOMOS 1101 Metro is covered with a two-year warranty from the date of purchase. Therefore, you should not regret it since the warranty covers any defects from the manufacturer.
However, the warranty doesn't cover scratches and any other coatings, damages caused exceeding the manufacturer's water-resistant ratings, leather straps, damage caused by physical shock, and glass/ crystal damage.


NOMOS Metro Silvercut Watch

With the invention of new technology, NOMOS Metro has been on the move to launch its latest version of the timepiece. Included in the new version released is a NOMOS Metro Silvercut, which is designed with a whiter-silver dial, a midnight blue option, and an eye-catching Silvercut texture. The watch is relatively slim as compared to the other version, with its diameter measuring 38.5mm and a height of 7.2mm.

The caliber of NOMOS Metro Silvercut is noticeably more significant than the predecessor, and it is strategically located as a gentleman's timepiece. The larger size of this watch helps it fit on the wrist of the user(s), and its reduced case makes the most of the eye-catching finish of the NOMOS Silvercut dial. Different manufacturers are coming up with varying sizes of watches, but the size of NOMOS Metro Silvercut is commendable.

Designed with both front and back sapphire crystals, the NOMOS Metro Silvercut is water-resistant and can be used up to a depth of 50 meters above the sea level, which is higher than that of the older version. The weight of the leather strap used is considerably less than that of the predecessor.


NOMOS Metro 1106 Watch

For those having a tough time deciding on the type of watch to wear, they should consider something like NOMOS 1106, which features an automatic movement and a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal.
Highlighted here are some of the important features that can help you decide on the model of the timepiece you require.

NOMOS Metro 1106 has a revolutionary automatic caliber that is quite precise and renowned once the user's hand wounds. The dimensions of the height and diameter are 8.1mm and 35.0mm, respectively. The dial of NOMOS Metro 1106 is designed with a dash of the avant-garde. The case is made of stainless steel and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass back. In addition, the straps are made of leather that is thick, smooth, and robust, making the NOMOS Metro 1106 watch straps long-lasting.


NOMOS Metro 39 Silvercut Watch

Generally, NOMOS Metro seems to be ahead of the new technology because of its consistent release of the new timepieces. Research has shown that new NOMOS Metro Watches have some added features that users can notice they are keen on. Among the standard features include simple complications, different movements, and texture.

Known for their minimal yet playful approach to color and design, the NOMOS Metro 39 Silvercut watches are relatively darker, heavier, and more solemn than the predecessor timepieces from NOMOS Metro. The dials have a steely metallic color with numerous horizontal striations, a design that has won the hearts of many customers.

Most customers use NOMOS Metro watches because they are original and durable products. In order to find the equilibrium between eccentricity and restraint, NOMOS Metro designed a watch with wire lugs, a pale silver dial, an off-center power reserve, and a mix of minty green and burnt orange highlights.


NOMOS Metro Datum Gangsreserve Watch

NOMOS Metro Datum Gangsreserve adds a few notable features, most of all, onboard is an in-house escapement. This implies that it is the first timepiece to utilize the new swing system escapement exclusively. Customers have shifted their attention to high-quality NOMOS metro watches.

For some, this might not be a big deal, but what are the key features of this timepiece? The most iconic feature is the escapement, which is the most challenging part to create by manufacturers. However, NOMOS Metro managed to design it with both balance wheel and spring, escape wheel, and pallet, all of which are high-precision parts that majorly determine the accuracy and longevity of the NOMOS Metro watch.

NOMOS Metro began with a 37mm stainless steel case designed with slim wire lugs. The curved sapphire crystal adds makes the metro watch raised, but not much. The dial is galvanized and plated with silver, with a soft white color punctuated by black, red, and mint green markings. The colors used are unusual hence giving NOMOS Metro Datum Gangsreserve beauty.


Wrap Up: NOMOS Metro Watch Collection Review

On your shopping list this holiday season, including a wrist timepiece from the NOMOS Metro collection. The watches are priced as low as USD 3780 at, where the company brings you the perfect gift.

Exquisite Timepieces has an established philosophy and is the best place where you can purchase your timepiece, including of course the NOMOS Metro brand. It is beyond doubt that a great number of customers are considering the NOMOS Metro collection for the look since it owns the mindshare when it comes to timepieces.

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