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The Omega De Ville collection was originally, in 1960, as part of the Seamaster collection, but later became a collection of its own in 1967. The De Ville watches simply offer a more classic look, away from the sporty designs of the other Omega watches. It’s more or less the most vintage-looking omega line, and it is no surprise that Pope John Paul II wore Omega De Ville watches. Exquisite Timepieces is an authorized dealer of the Omega De Ville Prestige collection. You can find Omega De Ville Prestige watches for sale here.

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Omega De Ville Prestige Review

The Prestige brand is a selection of watches that have become increasingly popular throughout the years. Like other Omega series, the De Ville Series is a much broader watch series that has several "sub-series".  In this article, we are going to put our focus on a De Ville Prestige subseries which is a group of watches that has continued to show what made the De Ville series the attractive brand it is from its inception in Omega watches in the year 1967 as a model on its own. The brand DeVille Prestige was launched in 1994 and has since been known worldwide. The company celebrated The Prestige Collection’s 25th Anniversary by unveiling the De Ville Prestige Co?Axial reference 424. with a 39.5mm case size. The subseries features five collections:

  • Omega De Ville Prestige Gents' Collection
  • Omega De Ville Prestige Ladies' Collection
  • Omega De Ville Prestige Orbis 
  • Omega De Ville Prestige Butterfly
  • Omega De Ville Prestige Dewdrop


Omega De Ville Prestige Gents' Collection

As a brand of timepieces, De Ville Prestige from OMEGA has evolved into one of the most popular collections of the company. They complete a man’s wardrobe with their original, nice fashion, and classic style. The gents' collection come in three types; Co-Axial, Power Reserve, and the ‘’NATO’’ strap


Omega De Ville Prestige Gents Co-Axial

A huge range of watch styles, different shades of dials, and even two sizes – 39,5 or 36,8 mm-is provided by Omega's Co-Axial series. OMEGA's caliber 2500 is an important component they all have in common. Some of the available models among others are:

  • Co?Axial reference 424. with a 39.5mm case
  • Co?Axial reference 424. with a 39.5mm case
  • Co?Axial reference 424. with a 36.8mm case


Omega De Ville Prestige Gents Power Reserve

The Power Reserve Co-Axial collection has on their dials, an indicator for power reservoir. The Omega Calibre 2627 powers these watches. Leather straps make these watches classy. 39.5 mm cases in 18 K red, yellow or white gold or in stainless steel or two-colored are offered in this collection.

Some of the models in these collections are:

  • Co?Axial Power Reserve reference 424.
  • Co?Axial Power Reserve reference 424.
  • Co?Axial Power Reserve reference 424.
  • All the above mentioned have 39.5mm case


Omega De Ville Prestige Gents: The “NATO’’ Strap

The addition of a NATO strap will give your classic De Ville a more casual look. Though there’s no improving on the pure aesthetic of the Prestige, there is a quick and easy way to enhance its classic design – simply add a NATO strap. The "NATO" bands have an origin in World War II. UK soldiers, pilots, and navigators used canvas and leather-strapped watches during the war. Armbands did not use adjustable spring bars to protect their belts, for obvious safety reasons. "NATO" straps are easy to adjust to any length and are therefore perfectly suitable for any wrist. The "NATO" bracelet of today incorporates the spirit of the original versions and presents a more sleek and trendy feel in a wide range of bold colors and fabrics. Some of the models are:

  • Brown Novonappa leather strap 031CUZ010753
  • Black denim and leather strap 031CWZ010933


Omega De Ville Prestige Ladies’ Collection

The upgrade and update to this collection give it timeless design and an impressive selection of watches for every lady’s wrist thus offering a brighter future for masterpieces in the series. An elegant yet relaxed style separates the women’s timepieces in this range. These are timeless classics with their two-zone dials that are loved by the women wearing them. The modern theme is coupled with state-of-the-art gestures and tasty fabrics with a soft retro touch.

Among the dazzling stars of the series are 32.7 mm case and 36.8 mm case watches. The revolutionary caliber 2500 drives them. The Quartz range is available in two different sizes, 27.4 mm case and 24.4 mm case for women who prefer smaller watches.

The signature dials of these watches can be provided in mother-of-pearl, champagne, white, black or different silvers. In some versions, there is a date window that records the days. The smooth, main hours, minutes, and seconds of hands are facetted. De Ville Prestige's most expensive watches are also lined with full-cut diamonds.

These watches are made from cases of stainless steel, 18 K red gold, 18 K yellow gold or in two-color versions that combine a variety of materials. Their brushed belts match perfectly with the cases, whilst a leather strap supports other versions.

The most exquisite pieces on the range are the size of 32,7 mm and 36,8 mm whose dial is reinforced by a diamond-paved butterfly and 50 diamonds. ?Available in 18K white, red or yellow gold versions, they may either have matching metallic bands or white satin-polished leather strap with the mother-of-the-pearl effect. Some of the popular models are:

  • Quartz reference 424. with 27.4 mm case
  • Co?Axial reference 424. with a 32.7mm case
  • Quartz reference 424. with 24.4 mm case


Omega De Ville Prestige Orbis Collection

Omega and Orbis International formed a partnership and Omega developed 3 Prestige watches to celebrate this. In addition to the Orbis blue color, every watch has an influenced teddy bear design on the dial and an Orbis caseback specifically etched. OMEGA has to devote part of every transaction to the work of the Organization to continue to fight blindness that can be cured.


Omega De Ville Prestige Orbis Ladies’ 27.4mm Model

The OMEGA Quartz Caliber 1376 is fitted in the model. Stainless steel is used to make both the casing and the band and a layered Omega teddy bear pattern is featured on the sun-polished dial.  There are eight diamond indexes and rhodium-plated hands as well as polished Roman numerals. There are different variations of the version one of which is;

Quartz Orbis reference 424. with 27.4 mm case


Omega De Ville Prestige Orbis Men’s 39.5mm Model

Men's version is fitted with the Co-Axial Calibre 2500 and has a case made of stainless steel. The sun-polished, lacquered blue dial features a fine design of teddy bear, a date window, and etched Roman numerals. There's also a central Orbis blue second hand along with rhodium-plated hands of hours and minutes. The timepiece is availed on a beautiful blue leather band or steel band. A model of this collection is;

Co?Axial Orbis reference 424. with a 39.5mm case

There are other variations of men’s 39.5mm model 


Omega De Ville Prestige Orbis Ladies' 32.7mm Model

This watch features a gold mother-of-pearl dial and a design of teddy bears and eight diamond indices. The crafting of stainless steel is used to make the band and the case. The Orbis blue seconds hand complements the rhodium-plated minute and hour hands. The watch is powered by the powerful Calibre 2500 and features a date slot on the watch. A model under this collection is:

Co?Axial Orbis reference 424. with a 32.7mm case

There are also other variations of the collection


Omega De Ville Prestige The “Butterfly”

The "Butterfly" is a watch of true elegance that focuses on the appeal and simplicity of the natural world, with a captivating dial and elegant satin polished leather strap.

There are three equally fascinating dials available for the De Ville Prestige "Butterfly".A range of designs is presented featuring silvery or champagne and special butterfly design, which utilizes ramolayage to provide a circular polished surface.

Other masterpieces of this series include a nacre dial with a diamond-coated butterfly between 7 and 8 o'clock, whilst the third version utilizes the nacre butterflies with a matt background. Eight or nine diamond indexes are available for all three dial designs.

The ‘’Butterfly’’ is available in 18K white, 18K Red, or 18K Yellow. The Butterfly is available in two major sizes: 36.8 mm and the second one is 32.7 mm. The watches are featured with a satin-polished, nacre strap which is white. Smaller sizes with matching metal bracelets are also available.

Elegant and understated design distinguishes the ladies ' timepieces in the larger De Ville Prestige collection. These are timeless classics that the women who wear them admire. The new design is mixed with sleek, high-tech trends and fine fabrics with a soft retro touch.

There are 34 models in this collection some of which are:

  • Quartz Butterfly 424. 32.7mm
  • Co?Axial Butterfly 424. 36.8 mm
  • Quartz  Butterfly 424.


Omega De Ville Prestige Dewdrop

The Prestige Dewdrop gives a genuinely intimate touch to De Ville's series, mixing delicate features with glamorous appeal. It's expressive and timeless, captivating instantly.

For some models, the eye-catching bracelet consists of 18 K of yellow or red gold beads, which offer a cool look and style. Many other cases use one dewdrop, on both sides, to connect to the unique patterned, colored leather strap.

The smaller of the types is powered by the OMEGA 4061 quartz caliber, while the Co-Axial caliber 2500, the motion indicating a transition in mechanical clock making, is the core of the 32.7 mm type.

Several modern dial variants are available for the De Ville Prestige Dewdrop. A gold butterfly version is available in addition to a white pearly, white mother-of-pearl and a black varnish or silver brushed. All the watches feature diamond indexes offered in 18 K stainless steel or red or yellow gold and a diamond-set bezel is included in some.

There are more than 18 models in this collection some of which are;

  • Co?Axial 32.7 MM Dewdrop 424.
  • Quartz 27.4 MM Dewdrop 424.
  • Quartz 27.4 MM Dewdrop 424.


The Omega De Ville Prestige Watch

Some great featured timepieces with graceful designs and a classic touch, the Omega De Ville Prestige collection has some outstanding pieces of art. With over 40 different strap options, it provides you with several options that will help to achieve a new look every time by experimenting with different colors and combinations.
Features include Chronometer, power reserve indicators, small seconds, and date display. The Prestige Collection has many different options in materials and colors used. Every single timepiece is either silver, gold, or platinum with embedded diamond or sapphire crystals. You will get many variations including steel yellow gold on a leather strap, red gold, grey steel, white gold on a leather strap, and steel on steel options. Here are the major prestige categories in which you can get different timepieces according to your needs:

  • Omega Prestige Co-Axial Power Reserve 39.5mm
  • Omega Prestige Co-Axial 39.5mm
  • Omega Prestige Co-Axial 32.7mm
  • Omega Prestige Co-Axial 36.8mm
  • Omega Prestige Quartz 27.4mm
  • Omega Prestige Quartz 32.7mm
  • Omega Prestige Quartz 24.4mm

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