The Ressence watch collection takes seamless dial designs to a whole new level with their riveting, sophisticated pieces. Ressence watches feature visually stunning displays that are unique and admired by watch collectors around the world. Ressence wristwatches are well-known for the iconic e-Crown and an interactive sapphire crystal. It features a patented movement, the Ressence Orbital Convex System. Enhanced functions include a power-saving inactivity mode. Highlights include a double-tap self-adjustment feature, shock resistance, and luminescent hands and markers. Looking for official Ressence watches for sale can get challenging when you are not sure where to start. If you are trying to find the best place to buy Ressence watches, let Exquisite Timepieces aid you. Exquisite Timepieces specializes in connecting people with exceptional, high-end watches from around the world. Exquisite Timepieces is a Ressence watch authorized dealer.

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About Ressence Watches

About Ressence Watches

Ressence is possibly one of the most unique watch brands on earth. With its distinct design language and innovative approach to watchmaking, Ressence is a brand that will have anyone admiring your wrist in awe.

Ressence History

Ressence is a watch brand that will likely be known to many enthusiasts, but for those new to luxury timepieces and looking for an ultra-unique luxury timepiece, Ressennce might just be the brand for you.
Founded in 2010 by Belgian industrial designer Benoît Mintiens, Ressence is leading the charge in modern watchmaking.
The Ressence name comes from a combination of the words “Renaissance” and “Essence” and is truly a revival of the artmaking that is horology.
With their incredibly unique, futuristic, and innovative approach to timepieces, each Ressence timepiece requires immense attention to detail and craftsmanship, with almost every piece that goes into a Ressence timepiece custom-made for the brand.
Ressence is a brand that understands that watchmaking is rooted in history and tradition but aims to bring modern watchmaking into the future with the timepieces they create.

Ressence Collections

The Ressence brand has seven different collections. While at face value, they may seem very similar, all Ressence timepieces have their own unique properties and designs.

Ressence Type 1° Collection

The Ressence Type 1° Round is a collection that embodies Ressence’s relentless search for meaningful design and is the culmination of a design journey that started in 2010 with the Series Zero. Comprised of 212 parts, the Type 1° Round has an incredibly ergonomic design which is the perfect balance of the pebble-like Type 3 and a sleek and minimalist design.

Ressence Type 1² Collection

The Ressence Type 1 Squared, much like its round counterpart, is a balance between an ergonomic and meaningful design that is made to be worn. The “pebble” "-like design is a key aspect of the Ressence design language. That said, the square case of the Type 1 Squared adds a uniqueness that gives the Type 1 Collection a little bit of edge.

Ressence Type 1 Slim Collection

The Ressence Type 1 Slim is an effortlessly modern timepiece like so many in the Ressence catalog. The Type 1 Slim has a case thickness of 11mm and, with its integrated strap, offers a sleek design language that enthusiasts have adopted due to the ease of wear. The Type 1 Slim is a timepiece that gives the wearer the right balance between simplicity and complexity.

Ressence Type 2 Collection

How does a watch brand so obsessed with modern watchmaking take their timepieces even further into the future? They create it. The Ressence Type 2 Collection is the perfect example of a brand not just trying to create a unique and precise watch but looking to create a better product and user experience by utilizing the eCrown to effortlessly tap through different timezones.

The Type 2 is an App-enabled timepiece that allows the wearer to connect to the Type 2 via Bluetooth, choose from a list of cities and timezones, and send them directly to the smart crown on the watch.

Ressence Type 3 Collection

The Ressence Type 3 is a timepiece that is the ultimate in readability and legibility. The Type 3 utilizes an oil-filled upper half of the case to allow for legibility from every conceivable angle. But that is not the only innovation of the Type 3.
The Type 3 uses a magnetic transmission to connect the dry lower half of the timepiece, which houses the movement, to the oil-filled upper half. There are also seven bellows, which compensate for changes in oil volume due to changes in temperature.

Ressence Type 5 Collection

The Ressence Type 5 Collection is Ressence’s version of a dive watch. Utilizing an oil-filled upper case like the Type 3, the Type 5 has what Ressence says to be the “best-ever” underwater readability.
Unlike a traditional dive watch, which needs to be viewed straight on to be read without refraction, turning the crystal into a mirror, the Type 5 can be completely legible from any angle. The Type 5 also utilizes a new case back called the Ressence Compression Lock System (RCLS) to ensure maximum water resistance with a system for the locking and compression of the gasket.

Ressence Type 8 Collection

The Ressence Type 8 is proof that there is beauty and sophistication in simplicity. The Type 8 is a minimalistic and streamlined design that offers ergonomic comfort along with some fun and colorful options. It is powered by an automatic movement, which is wound by the rotation of the titanium case back. The rotating case back is simultaneously used to set the time. The Type 8 is the most simplistic of their collections but one that offers a wonderful design language.

How Much Do Ressence Watches Cost?

Below is a table discussing just a few of the models that Ressence has to offer, their prices, and a unique feature of that timepiece. It is worth mentioning that there are features unique to Ressence and only Ressence, which means that due to the research and development going into each collection, Ressence timepieces carry a true luxury price.

Model Approx. Price Unique Feature
Ressence Type 3 Eucalyptus $43,800 Distinct case design and shape, made of Grade 5 Titanium
Ressence Type 1° Round $20,100 Round pebble-like case shape made of Grade 5 Titanium
Ressence Type 1 Squared (White) $20,100 Distinct squared case with a Convex German Silver Dial
Ressence Type 1 Slim (Navy Blue) $20,100 Slim case design of 11mm with integrated strap design
Ressence Type 2G (Grey) $51,000 Self-setting eCrown technology housed in a Grade 5 Titanium domed shaped case and crystal
Ressence Type 5 Black Black $35,300 Grade 5 Titanium case w/ two separate sealed chambers filled w/ oil for ultimate readability
Ressence Type 8S Sage Green $14,500 Grade 5 Titanium Matte Metallic Sage Green Dial and a polished Grade 5 Titanium case

Best Selling Ressence Watches

Ressence watches are by no means inexpensive. That said, when you decide to purchase a Ressence watch, it is because you are obsessed with watchmaking and the future of the hobby. So, let’s discuss some of the best-selling Ressence timepieces.

Ressence Type 1° Round Black

The Ressence Type 1 Round is the relentless pursuit of meaningful design. The Type 1 Black has a case diameter of 42.7mm and uses a unique movement that Ressence refers to as the Ressence Orbital Convex System (ROCS). The case, like all Ressence watches, is made of Grade 5 Titanium and weighs 64 grams.

Ressence Type 2G Grey

The Ressence Type 2G Grey might be the most technologically advanced timepiece that Ressence has to offer. The Type 2 utilizes Ressence’s eCrown technology, which aims to give the user the same trust in a mechanical watch as they do in their phone.

The eCrown app allows the timepiece to connect via Bluetooth to your phone, allowing you to choose multiple timezones you can switch from on the watch, which is activated and controlled by tapping the crystal. The eCrown is also able to detect when a watch is not being worn; it will then stop the movement so it won’t run out of power.

Ressence Type 3W

The Ressence Type 3W, much like its dive watch brethren, utilizes a Grade 5 Titanium case with two separate chambers; the upper chamber is filled with oil, which allows for greater legibility and readability. The Type 3W domed sapphire crystal is so legible due to the oil, that it can be read from almost any angle. The watch has a diameter of 44mm and a case thickness of 15mm. The Type 3W also has a bellows system that compensates for temperature fluctuation, which could affect the oil volume.

Ressence Type 8S Sage Green

The Ressence Type 8S Sage Green is, for all intents and purposes, a very simplistic watch. But that by no means takes away from the beauty that is this timepiece. The Type 8S is wonderfully sized, with a case diameter of 42.9mm and a case thickness of 11mm.

This means that this beautifully designed timepiece slips under most sleeves and is a great conversation starter, regardless of the event. The mix of polished and satin-finished Grade 5 Titanium on the case makes the Type 8 a great daily wear, thanks to its low weight.

Ressence Movements

Ressence is unlike most manufacturers when it comes to the movements inside of their watches due to how the discs that form the dial move or orbit like moons around a planet. This is where the ROCS system comes in. The ROCS module is driven by the minute axle of a highly customized ETA 2824/2 base caliber. The same can be said of the ROCS 2, 3, and 5 modules; they all use an ETA caliber as their base.

Ressence Watch Colors

The Ressence color palette used for their watches can be described as quite conservative. That said, I don’t necessarily think that is a bad thing. Ressence watches are already very beautiful, intriguing, and generally great conversation starters due to their unique design language. The benefit of this is you don’t need bold or bombastic colors to help the watch shine.

Instead, Ressence utilizes great variations in their blacks, grays, blues, and whites. When Ressence departs from its core colors, it emphasizes the colors being used in a very beautiful way. The Eucalyptus and Sage Green dials are great examples of how to utilize a muted palette to enhance the design.

Ressence Watch Materials

Ressence uses Grade 5 Titanium for their watch cases due to its better strength-to-weight ratio when compared to steel. Titanium’s lightness helps Ressence not only create great everyday watches that are light and durable but also watches that utilize some of the same aerospace materials that have thrust us into the future.

Another major material that Ressence uses, which is par for the course in luxury watches, is a sapphire crystal. The double-domed sapphire crystals used in Ressence watches utilize an anti-reflective coating to help with their readability.

Ressence Watch Types

Ressence is a company that does not necessarily highlight many different “types” of watches in its catalog. The brand has found its niche in the watch world by creating very progressive and forward-thinking designs that are great to wear daily and even in settings where a dressy and sleek watch is required. But, aside from the Type 5, which is Ressence’s take on a dive watch, Ressence doesn’t have too many “types” of timepieces.

Ressence Watch Complications

While Ressence doesn’t have too many different “types” of watches in its catalog, it certainly utilizes its unique design language to highlight different complications. The Type 2 Ressence, for instance, uses some advanced technology to connect to an app via Bluetooth, allowing you to track multiple timezones, much like a GMT function. Aside from this, the Ressence design language utilizes its Orbiting system to display things like hours, minutes, day, and date as no other watch brand does.

Ressence Partnerships & Brand Ambassadors

Ressence as a brand does a wonderful job of creating something that is different in a world that is rooted in tradition, lineage, and brand recognition. So, it goes without saying that when it comes to brand ambassadors or people who flaunt their goods, Ressence doesn’t take the typical path of using movie stars, musicians, or athletes as their ambassadors.
Instead, they highlight Ressence wearers who think outside of the box, similar to the Ressence design philosophy. On the Ressence site, you will see a testimonial page that is filled with entrepreneurs, designers, and even a Harvard Neuroscientist.

Buying Ressence Watches

If you want to purchase a Ressence watch, look through the brand’s website to find an authorized dealer near you. Similarly to other timepieces, trying one on and seeing it in the metal is important.

But in the event that you aren’t close to an AD and know for sure that a Ressence is your next purchase, you can always head over to Exquisite Timepieces and see what we have in stock.

Caring for Your Ressence Watch

Ressence, much like any other reputable watch brand, offers a warranty with every watch purchased from an authorized dealer. But before a Ressence watch leaves the brand’s headquarters, it is subject to a rigorous 500-hour quality control test. But, like any other luxury mechanical timepiece, it is important to stay on top of regular maintenance and upkeep.

In the event that your Ressence watch needs to be serviced, you have the option of a partial service, which seems to take care of everything just short of breaking down the entire movement, and a full service, which includes the previously mentioned movement breakdown.

It’s worth noting that due to the fine watchmaking and innovation that goes into every Ressence timepiece, you won’t be able to take a Ressence watch to just any watchmaker for maintenance and servicing; it will have to be done by Ressence.

So, if you don’t want to deal with all this hassle, Exquisite Timepieces will take care of the entire service process for you, including shipping your watch to Ressence and ensuring it reaches you safely and is repaired.

Ressence FAQs

Why is Ressence so expensive?

Ressence watches are expensive because they carry a unique design, and each watch is painstakingly built with the utmost care and then subjected to rigorous quality control testing. When looking at the technology and R&D that go into a Ressence watch, it is hard to believe that some models don’t cost more than they do.

How much does a Ressence watch cost?

A Ressence watch is not an inexpensive investment. That said, you can find Ressence watches at Exquisite Timepieces for prices ranging from $14,500 for an entry-level Ressency Type 8 to $51,000 for the most advanced Ressence Type 2 eCrown.

Who wears Ressence watch?

As mentioned earlier, Ressence watches seem to attract those who think outside of the box, those who understand the design language, and those who enjoy breaking the status quo. You can find testimonials on the Ressence website from entrepreneurs, neuroscientists, and designers.

How does Ressence watch work?

With the ROCS Modules, a Ressence takes different layers, showing different information, and puts it into the sub-dials that revolve like moons around a planet, giving the timepiece an animated display. Another neat trick that a Ressence watch has is its ability to wind the movement and set the time by turning the case back, one direction for time setting, the other for winding and powering the movement.

Find your new Ressence watch with Exquisite Timepieces

So, if you are in the market for your next timepiece and have your heart set on the unique design and technology of Ressence Timepiece, head over to the Exquisite Timepieces website or visit our boutique store in Naples, Florida. Exquisite Timepieces is an authorized dealer for Ressence and offers the brand’s entire catalog to choose from. All watches come with a full manufacturer warranty and will be shipped to you for free and fully insured.