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Ressence Type 1 Round

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Ressence is renowned for granting enthusiasts a profound passage through an emotional odyssey, where the brilliance of horology intertwines seamlessly with designs that stir the soul. Among Its offerings, the Type 1 Round Collection stands tall as the brand's magnum opus, a captivating masterpiece that enthralls at every turn.

About Ressence Type 1 Round Watches

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, Ressence Type 1 Round Watches embody the pinnacle of horological brilliance, inviting wearers into a world where precision and artistry unite to create an unforgettable timekeeping experience. Emphasizing the pure essence of time, its design celebrates the beauty found in uncomplicated shapes.
Ressence meticulously designs the curved sapphire crystal to flow seamlessly to the edge of the case while retaining the collection's signature wired lugs and infusing elements of the emblematic pebble design from the Ressence Type 3 collection.
The circular case exudes a sleek, tactile allure with flowing forms and a domed crystal with thinner lugs compared to previous versions. Benoît Mintiens, Founder of Ressence, asserts, "The new TYPE 1° Round reflects our ongoing pursuit of essential, meaningful design. We believe that better design involves less design, prioritizing function above all."
The dial has also been updated, including the removal of certain numerical indices from the minutes track, which have been replaced by markers. Like other Ressence watches, the dial doesn't remain static but presents an orbital interpretation of time, adding a dynamic dimension to its functionality. Ressence Type 1 Round Watches offer second, minute, hour, and day functions, each indicated by a single hand painted within the disc.

Ressence Type 1 Round History

Ressence emerged in 2010 under the vision of Benoît Mintiens in Antwerp, Belgium. Debuting at BaselWorld in 2010, Ressence unveiled three prototypes, later releasing the inaugural production of 50 watches known as the "ZeroSeries" in spring 2011. BaselWorld 2014 marked a significant shift as Ressence introduced the Type 1 lineup, characterized by a crownless design, a subtly flatter case, and inward-pointing lugs.
Over time, the Type 1 underwent gradual advancements, shedding the crown and evolving its case design. The evolution continued with the introduction of the cushion-cased Type 1 Squared at SIHH in 2017, followed by the Type 1 Slim. The Type 1 embodies the essence of Ressence through its utilization of the Ressence Orbital Convex System. This innovative system employs gears and discs to depict time (hours, minutes, seconds) on rotating discs seamlessly integrated onto a domed dial.
In 2023, the Belgium-based indie watchmaker revisited the classic model, reintroducing a refreshed version, the Ressence TYPE 1° Round. This modernized interpretation maintains the brand's signature aesthetics while embracing essentialism and staying aligned with its current lineup. The TYPE 1° Round perpetuates Ressence's minimalistic approach to timekeeping, integrating ergonomic design, sleek contours with a tactile feel, and a subtly reimagined dial.

How Much Do Ressence Type 1 Round Watches Cost?

All the timepieces within the Ressence Type 1 Round Collection are available for purchase at approximately $20,000 each. The table below shows the starting prices for some Type 1 Round timepieces and what makes them unique.

Model Starting Price Unique Features
Ressence Type 1° Round Multicolor $20,100 Grade 5 Titanium case, polychromatic dial with a playful mix of red, blue, yellow, and green
Ressence Type 1° Round Night Blue $20,100 Striking midnight blue dial with matching luxurious strap, powered by the patented ROCS 1.3 movement

What's Unique About Ressence Type 1 Round Watches?

Ressence Type 1 Round Watches showcase some of the brand's latest avant-garde inventions, embracing pioneering technology and design elements that push the boundaries of traditional horology. The collection is characterized by a circular case meticulously crafted for a sleek and refined appearance. Continuing Ressence's commitment to ergonomic excellence, the TYPE 1° Round showcases a mesmerizing display mechanism.
The rotating discs, driven by the innovative Ressence Orbital Convex System (ROCS), present time in a captivating bi-dimensional format. This unique system orchestrates a harmonious dance where hours, minutes, seconds, and days elegantly orbit around each other, creating a truly dynamic and engaging way to read the passage of time.

Ressence Type 1 Round Movements

At the heart of Ressence Type 1 Round watches lie automatic movements, harnessing the wearer's wrist movements to power the watch. Ressence's commitment to innovation shines through in every aspect of their automatic movements especially with the integration of the patented ROCS 1.3 (Ressence Orbital Convex System) module, operating in harmony with the ETA 2892 base caliber.
Ressence Type 1 Round automatic movements boast substantial power reserves that ensure lasting reliability. With 40 jewels enhancing their precision and durability, these movements beat at an impressive frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour, demonstrating Ressence's meticulous attention to detail and commitment to delivering exceptional timekeeping performance. The fusion of innovative design, advanced technology, and superior craftsmanship within the Ressence Type 1 Round watches embodies the brand's relentless pursuit of redefining horological standards and setting new benchmarks in the world of watchmaking.

Ressence Type 1 Round Watch Colors

Within the Ressence Type 1 Round collection, the predominant color scheme revolves around the classic tones of black and blue. However, Ressence boldly steps beyond convention, fearlessly showcasing its adventurous spirit through a polychromatic or multicolor variant.
The multicolor iteration of these timepieces dares to blend vibrant shades such as red, blue, yellow, and green, injecting a sense of dynamism and liveliness into the watches' aesthetics. Ressence's willingness to depart from the expected color palette demonstrates their commitment to infusing creativity and a sense of playfulness into the design, allowing watch enthusiasts to embrace individuality and expressiveness through their timepieces.

Ressence Type 1 Round Watch Materials

The Ressence Type 1 Collection employs grade 5 titanium for its case, ensuring durability and a lightweight feel. The dials are safeguarded by a double-domed sapphire crystal top with an anti-reflective coating inside, offering exceptional protection while maintaining clarity. To secure the watch to the wrist, options include leather straps or other strap variations, combining comfort with style.

Ressence Type 1 Round Watch Types

Ressence Type 1 Round Watches epitomizes versatility, seamlessly transitioning between being sophisticated dress watches and reliable companions for everyday wear. Their timeless elegance makes them suitable for both formal occasions and daily activities, effortlessly complementing various styles and situations.

Ressence Type 1 Round Watch Complications

The essence of Ressence Type 1 Round Watches lies in their simplicity, prioritizing legibility and straightforwardness. While embracing minimalism, these watches feature a notable complication: the Day-Night Indicator, highlighting the day function. This subtle yet functional addition enhances the timepiece's practicality without compromising its clean and uncluttered design ethos.

Buying Ressence Type 1 Round Watches

Discover the captivating world of Ressence Type 1 Round watches, available for acquisition through authorized dealers, Ressence boutiques worldwide, select high-end retailers, and reputable online platforms. It is highly recommended to procure these remarkable timepieces from authorized dealers or the brand's official channels to ensure authenticity, valid warranties, and reliable after-sales services.
As an esteemed authorized dealer of Ressence watches, Exquisite Timepieces proudly presents an authentic lineup of Type 1 Round watches. Immerse yourself in our carefully curated selection featuring a spectrum of case dimensions, premium materials, and avant-garde designs. Whether you prefer to explore our offerings online or at our physical boutique, you are welcome to discover the enchantment of Ressence Type 1 Round watches at Exquisite Timepieces.

Caring for Your Ressence Type 1 Round Watch

Owning a Ressence Type 1 Round watch is a significant investment in horological excellence. As custodians of these remarkable timepieces, preserving their intrinsic value, functionality, and enduring allure is paramount. Regular maintenance practices are strongly recommended to preserve their performance. However, the meticulous care owners provide may not be sufficient, necessitating the expertise of a skilled watchmaker or authorized service center as time passes.
At Exquisite Timepieces Watch Repair Service, we deeply understand the intrinsic and extrinsic worth of your Ressence Type 1 Round watch. Our dedication lies in offering tailored, exceptional care specific to its unique specifications. From routine maintenance, encompassing case and crystal refurbishments along with intricate component care, to extensive movement servicing, meticulous polishing, and comprehensive restoration, rely on Exquisite Timepieces Watch Repair Service for unparalleled quality, steadfast reliability, and peerless expertise.
Rest assured, Ressence Type 1 Round watches in need of repair are securely transported to authorized service centers. Here, adept technicians proficiently diagnose and rectify any issues, ensuring your timepiece receives the meticulous attention and care it rightfully deserves.

Ressence Type 1 Round FAQ

When was the Ressence Type 1 Round released?

The Ressence Type 1° Round made its debut as part of the 2023 novelties unveiled by Ressence at Watches & Wonders.

How much is a Ressence Type 1 Round?

Ressence Type 1 Round watches currently retail for around $20,000.

Find your new Ressence Type 1 Round watch with Exquisite Timepieces

Each component of the Ressence Type 1 Round watch is meticulously crafted to evoke a visceral response. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, these watches cater to discerning connoisseurs who value minimalist yet intricate horological creations that seamlessly merge cutting-edge engineering with timeless aesthetics.
As an authorized retailer of Ressence Watches, Exquisite Timepieces is dedicated to ensuring your journey in acquiring Type 1 Round watches is not only secure but also an unforgettable delight.
Whether you prefer the convenience of online shopping or crave the personalized experience of our boutique, our commitment is to elevate your exploration of these remarkable timepieces. Moreover, for purchases surpassing $1,000, revel in the added advantage of complimentary insured shipping.
Our unwavering dedication to authenticity and relentless focus on customer satisfaction positions us as your ultimate companion in the pursuit of horological excellence. Immerse yourself in the captivating collection of Ressence Type 1 Round Watches online or experience their allure at our boutique located at 4380 Gulf Shore Blvd N #800, Naples, Florida.

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