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The Omega Aqua Terra watch series carries the mantle of the world’s first anti-magnetic mechanical watch. The Omega Aqua Terra watch has an astounding magnetic resistance of 15,000 Gauss and is built to withstand the unpredictable underwater environment. Designed to be aesthetically pleasing, these luxury chronometers are some of the most perfectly symmetrical, highly trusted divers watches in the world. Precious materials are used to craft the Omega Aqua Terra wristwatches which only contributes to its heirloom quality. The choices range from gold and stainless steel to titanium and diamond. No matter the model you choose, each piece will deliver exceptional durability and outstanding performance. Do not be surprised if you have a difficult time finding authentic Omega Aqua Terra watches for sale. Let us help. Exquisite Timepieces is one of the best places to buy Omega Aqua Terra watches. Exquisite Timepieces is an Omega Aqua Terra watch authorized dealer.


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Omega Aqua Terra Review

The History of the Omega Aqua Terra Watch Collection

Since its beginning in 1848, Omega Watchmaking Company has launched several watches. The company started with the production of pocket watches, just like any other watchmaking company then. However, in 1892, its first wristwatch, the First Minute – Repeater, was launched. The timepiece resembled the pocket watches but with high-end straps. The watch received applause from the users who loved it much. In 1900 Omega produced the first watches bearing the Omega name. The timepieces received immense love from British officers due to the ability to resist any effect of the extreme and rough environment while in the line of duty. After 48 years of ups and downs, due to the world wars, the company’s under the leadership of Rene Bannwart, introduced the Omega Seamaster line, which up to today, has evolved and continued to serve the client’s needs.
Part of the Omega Seamaster line was the Omega Aqua Terra, which, as a new addition, joined the market in 2002. The luxury timepiece appearance and general feature make it possible to withstand both water and land environments. That’s why it is named Aqua Terra. Today, there are many watches in the Aqua Terra Collection with unique features to suit your active lifestyle.


Omega Aqua Terra Watch Collection Aesthetics

The first thing that catches your attention about these watches is the general appearance. Every particular watch has something special that will attract you. Besides the aesthetics being updated on the latest versions. Various watches have different designs on the dial and its background. For instance, the horizontal lines on the Omega Seamaster Aquaterra 150m Master Chronometer dial are unique, and Omega explains it as motivation from the teak wood decks on a boat.
The company has scored successfully on color, finishing, and texture. Everybody wants a watch that will match what they do. Colors speak a lot about your personality and matching behavior, and that’s why Omega has a variety to offer. Whether you want silver, white, Omega Aqua Terra black, grey, blue, ivory, brown, or champagne, you’ll not miss your choice. The quality watchmaking procedures assure you that every watch in the collection has the right texture and finishing.


Omega Aqua Terra Collection Symmetry, Masculinity and Materials

Talking of symmetry, watches here are perfectly symmetrical. One special thing about Omega is that it focuses on improving the watches every single day while maintaining the familiarity to achieve what the clients want. The move is clear on the trend in the Aqua Terra collection. If you are not well versed with this collection, you will hardly notice the changes made, however, the changes make this the best Aqua Terra to date! The symmetrical nature of the hour markers, the hand's design and position, the dial, and other internal features guarantee easy functioning. Omega watch designers in the company have focused on developing strong and sporty dress watches, and this is evident from the collection. The models also feature varying materials. Watches are either made of Gold, steel, Titanium, and Diamond. These materials are of high quality, and this guarantees a lengthy watch service.
The same case is on the straps. Based on what you want, the collection gives you choices for easy decision making. Feel free to choose leather straps, steel bracelets, NATO-style straps, and rubber straps.


Omega Aqua Terra Collection Movements

The watches in the Aqua Terra Collection uses varying movements based on the particular model. The majority have automatic movements with very few choices for manual and quartz movements. The high-performance movements give the watch high accuracy standards, and this has been maintained for years.
Omega has a history of using both in-house caliber and ETA movements. Currently, most watches embrace Omega caliber movements. For instance, ETA 2892 is the preferred choice in Omega Seamaster’s caliber 1120. In either choice of movements and other specifications, the Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra price range is worth the watch value. Choose any of the watches below, and you will be amazed at the value and quality!


Watches in the Omega Aqua Terra Collection

Omega Aqua Terra 150M Master Co-axial

If you are searching for a classic timepiece, the Omega Master Co-axial will serve your needs. A close look at the watch shows you that it represents the Omega maritime heritage. The Aqua Terra models are easy to recognize due to their unique features. For instance, from a close look at the dial (on a few models), you’ll notice the dial design features the look of a wooden deck of the luxury sailboats. The Omega Aqua Terra forged a niche among the Seamaster family, and it is now renowned. It is a resilient, handsome, and everyday timepiece. It offers the best experience in both land and water. Common features among the OMEGA Master Co-Axial watches include the date window at 6 o’clock, starch resistance, use of Co-Axial caliber self-winding movements, and the varying colors.
The new Aqua Terra Co-Axial Master Chronometer 38mm has a reduction of case size by 0.5mm. Unlike Omega Aqua Terra 38mm, the previous Omega Master Co-axial 38.5mm is not chronometer certified. You can also choose the Omega Master Co-axial 41.5mm or Aqua Terra 150M Omega Master Co-axial GMT 43mm. The Omega Aqua Terra GMT version has a 24 hour GMT scale, white dial, and blue indexes.


Omega Aqua Terra Co-axial GMT

You will love the presentation in the Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra GMT watches. The Aqua Terra 150M Omega Co-axial GMT 43mm exhibits the blue dial and the date window at the 6 o’clock position. One special feature you need to note keenly is the addition GMT hand meant to complete a rotation every 24 hours.
If you need an Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra chronograph of the same size, go for Omega Co-axial GMT Chronograph 43mm. It has beautiful dials that you need to check. There is still a larger size, the Aqua Terra 150M Co-axial Chronograph 44mm. All Omega Chronographs have high water resistance and pass through qualitative analysis before being introduced to the market. You can, therefore, count on them.


Omega Aqua Terra Co-axial Annual Calendar

If you are fond of calendar watches, then Aqua Terra Collection has you at heart. Omega Co-axial Annual Calendar features a calendar, and it correctly runs throughout the year without correction. The annual calendar feature is a practical complication that you will actually appreciate! The two calendar watches you can check here include the Aqua Terra 150M Omega Co-axial Annual Calendar 43mm and Co-axial Annual Calendar 38.5mm

Another unique Omega watch is the Aqua Terra 150m Omega Co-axial 41.5mm. Wear this one on that pool party day or when matching your favorite casual attire. Don’t forget the sophistication of the hand's date window and the indices, the detail of finishing speaks volumes of the care Omega puts into its watches. It’s all amazing. Within a glance, everything is clear. During the underwater stay, the SuperLuminova ensures there is visibility.


Omega Aqua Terra 150m Co-axial Day-Date 41.5mm

Omega Aqua Terra day date, as the name suggests, the timepiece showcases both day and date. The Omega Co-axial Day-Date 41.5mm has the date windows at 12 and 6’oclock. Other than the unique scratch-resistant crystal dial, the timepiece also has a mounted bezel on the stainless steel heavy-duty straps.


Omega Aqua Terra 150m XXL Small Seconds 49.2mm

After Omega decided to discontinue the production of Railmaster XXL, they introduced this 49.2mm certified chronometer. It features small seconds at 6 o’clock, stainless steel case, anti-reflective crystal, among other features.


Omega Aqua Terra 150m Quartz

The Omega Aqua Terra quartz watches here(Aqua Terra 150m Quartz 38.5mm and Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Quartz 30mm) have a case diameter of 30 and 38.5mm with a steel case. People love them due to the small size, especially ladies, and the accurate quartz precision movement.


Limited Editions in the Omega Aqua Terra Collection

Omega has produced many watches that have been worn by celebrities and many influential people. Also, they usually join hands with people and organizations to come up with a watch to suit a particular cause. Some of them include Omega Master Co-axial 41.5mm James Bond Limited Edition. The James Bond Aqua Terra 41.5mm blue dial watch was produced in anticipation of the James Bold movie, SPECTRE. It also has special features like the coat of arms, a gun barrel like shaped movement, and an engraved edition number.
Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Tokyo 2020 Limited Edition. If you want to be part of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics games, then this is the watch you should be aiming for. The Omega Aqua Terra 41mm rubber strap timepieces are only limited to 2,020. Omega Aqua Terra Pyeongchang 2018 Limited Edition. The association of Omega with the Olympics dates back to 1932 when it played a role as an official timekeeper. Back in the 2018 summer Olympics, the 41.5mm Pyeongchang 2018 Limited Edition timepiece joined the market.
Although Omega watches in this collection are sporty, the company surprised many by producing the Omega Seamaster GMT World Timer 43mm. The timepiece is very detailed with good looking features like platinum case, enamel crafted world map, gold hands, and markers. The watch is available in silver or blue dial — rubber, steel, alligator and gold bracelet, and steel or gold cases.


Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Ultra-Light Blue

Omega keeps on improving through innovation and creativity. Omega Aqua Terra Blue evidences that the company is keen to detail on everything they produce. It is a light watch measuring 55g, and any sports enthusiast needs to check it out. The Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Blue timepiece is dedicated to athletes. Its production is through collaboration with Ambassador Rory Mcllroy, who has played a significant role in coming up with this watch. It constitutes of light materials like titanium.


Why the Omega Aqua Terra Collection: The Special Things to Note

Omega Aqua Terra Collection: Value

The material used in making these watches are of high-end quality. Being on the Swiss ground, the company is subject to strict assessment, and they ensure they comply with Swiss watchmaking rules. Testing and finishing are done in detail above and beyond almost every other watchmaker.


Omega Aqua Terra Collection: Innovativeness

From the collection above, it is clear that the company keeps on advancing but maintain the standards. Each time, there is always a plan to launch a particular Omega watch with advanced features. The move shows you how they are innovative.


Omega Aqua Terra Collection: Multiple Choices

Your selection depends on your personality or what suits you well. Call a watch expert at Exquisite Timepieces to help you navigate the wonderful world of Omega.


Wrap Up: Omega Aqua Terra Watch Collection Review

Owning any watch in the Aqua Terra Collection is a great deal. You will have invested in your style and personality. Decide on what you want, and then focus on acquiring it. If you have inquiries about the collection, or you intend to buy a watch you’ve been thinking about, welcome on board and feel free to talk to us. We are proud to be an authorized Omega dealer.

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